oh, NO! Collision!

A few Magnificent collision Photographs

  1. oh, NO! Collision!
    Image by youngrocky
    Big collision shot.

  2. Water Drop Collision – First Attempt
    Image by schaazzz


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    I was finally able to get a good repeatability rate of collision shots after a few days of cycling through various setups for getting drops to fall at the same point at a constant rate.

    The "disc" formed by the collision is blurred in this shot but that was expected as I was optically triggering my external flash (1/32 power) using the on-camera flash, which actually defeats the purpose of having a strobist setup. I’ll try again with a flash extension chord or a wireless (radio) flash trigger later this week.

    Any tips, comments, critcisms are welcome. Thanks for stopping by :)

    PS: A big thanks to Abdul Qadir for helping me with the setup.

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